birthday on a budget

kids birthday and budget friendly.

  • Posted by: lena
  • April 6, 2018


ktr April 9, 2018
I would do a bunch of finger foods and then cake. My kids are usually way too excited about there being a party to each much of anything.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 8, 2018
Pizza - You could pick up some or make your own, fruit, carrot & celery sticks & string cheese.
Pasta with a simple red sauce and butter on the side with fruit, carrot & celery sticks & string cheese.
Chicken nuggets or fingers with fruit, carrot & celery sticks & string cheese.
creamtea April 8, 2018
When my girls were little, I sometimes made the cake, (I did homemade Barbie cakes or castle cakes; these days you can watch Youtube tutorials and practice decorating with Royal icing--simple). Some of my favorites were craft-project parties with supplies from Michaels or other store: one was refrigerator magnets (packaged magnets covered by wooden discs--I pre-painted the discs a day before with school paint and glued them to the magnets. At the party, cover tables with protective paper or disposable table cloths and let the the kids glue on fun decorations, such as "gems", feathers or photos of each kid taken with your iphone and printed up). Another was that we did paper dolls. In advance of the party I made a pattern, about 5" high, and cut the dolls out of construction paper. The children could make a doll resembling themselves with pre-cut construction paper clothes, hair of yarn or construction paper hair), crayons, or whatever material your imagination dictates. Or a decorate-your-own cupcake party. All of these involve some pre-planning and advance work if you have time. I enjoyed these "craft" parties the most. If you can have a family member or a babysitter to help out, that's a plus.
BerryBaby April 8, 2018
At 4 years old, Iā€™d suggest baby carrots, celery sticks, cheese sticks and small sandwiches on Hawaiian buns that they can easily hold.
A plate of cupcakes, which are economical using a box cake.
Happy šŸŽ‚ birthday!
Nancy April 8, 2018
Not a specific menu. Just an idea - don't have to serve a whole meal and cake.
Invite the children just for birthday day and playing.
Nancy April 8, 2018
Typo. Should be "birthday cake & playing"
BerryBaby April 7, 2018
How old are the children and how many?
lena April 8, 2018
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