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I'm looking for heavily dutched cocoa powder in the UK - does anyone know of an outlet that I can buy from? (Preferably not a massive quantity as I'm a home baker)

Danielle Prostrollo


HalfPint April 19, 2018
According to Nigella Lawson's blog, the UK does not differentiate between natural and dutch-processed cocoa powder. It says that both are offered; you would need to read the ingredient list to see if the cocoa contains an alkali (like a carbonate) to neutralize the acid in natural cocoa, hence giving you dutch-processed cocoa. I looked at Tesco's website and they carry Cadbury Bournville Cocoa Fair Trade Powder which has "an acid regular (sodium carbonate)". It's not expensive ~3 GBP for 250g canister. Waitrose has Green & Black's Organic Cocoa which is alkalized (dutch-processed) for about the same price for 125g can. Just read the ingredient list and look for an acid regulator. Natural cocoa powder will not have it.
Nancy April 19, 2018
@Half Pint....good searching , you dug further than I did with that comment on Nigella's web site.
Nancy April 14, 2018
Here’s one answer at Nigella Lawson website, advising on limited UK availability of Dutched cocoa, differences between the 2 types & what to do with your recipe if you can only find the non-Dutched.
Also, quick search for online suppliers shows NO Dutch process cocoa in Lakeland's grocery section, but YES at both Amazon UK & Sainsbury’s.
cv's idea of looking, whether in pre or post internet days, for an American shop or bulletin board is a good one.
Nowadays, purchases tend to follow cooks with shows, newspaper columns or books (see the "Delia effect" of high percentage increase or selling-out of an ingredient after Delia Smith featured it in one of her tv shows).
Maybe direct inquiries to popular local chefs via tv stations, newspapers or their individual websites.

Danielle P. April 15, 2018
All things I never thought of (including cv's recommendations). The ideas are churning away now, thank you! Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of baking my American foods over here.
Miss_Karen April 14, 2018
Valrohna is VERY good. Droste is popular everywhere. Try your local spice shop. If they don't have it, likely they can order it for you & deliver it to the store.
Danielle P. April 15, 2018
I will do, I never really thought about having a store order it in. Good tip, thanks! :)
702551 April 16, 2018
Retail shops often do not stock the full product line of every company given limited shelf space and possible inventory accumulation.

However, many shops are happy to special order products for customers from the local wholesale distributors.

A big box store like Tesco would have little interest in this, but a small shopkeeper might.

No different than here in the USA. Maybe the local butcher shop doesn't carry caulfat in stock, but they can special order it for you and have it in a couple of days.

If you can identify a specialty product from a manufacturer that also products widely distributed items, chances are that you can get it pretty easily from a full service shop.
702551 April 14, 2018
I did find this old blog post (2010) from David Leibovitz:


about cocoa powder. While he usually doesn't recommend specific brands, he does specifically mention Valrhona cocoa powder as one product that is darker than other typical Dutch-process cocoa powders.

If you're looking for black cocoa, you might do a specific search for that.
Danielle P. April 15, 2018
Perfect. I know I can definitely get my hands on some Valrhona. Thanks again! :)
702551 April 14, 2018
While I don't have a specific recommendation, in many of the largest cities across globe, there's often a bricks-and-mortar shop that specializes in American goods. Their main audience is the American expatriate community and they often carry food items that are popular or iconic in the USA that are difficult to find abroad (e.g., peanut butter, snack foods, breakfast cereals).

I know at one time Paris had just such a shop and I would be shocked if Tokyo doesn't have one.

My gut feeling is that such an American goods shop exists somewhere in London seeing as how there are many American expatriates in the UK and the two countries have been the closest allies for many, many years.

If you find the shop and they carry the product, they should be able to post it to you at a reasonable cost.

If you have befriended any American expatriates, perhaps you can convince one of them to include a box of cocoa when they fly back from their next trip stateside.

Best of luck.
Danielle P. April 14, 2018
This is a good call. I may have to do a bit of research and see if I can find an American shop in London. It might be worth a day trip! It just seems odd to me that in an area where it’s easy to find dutched cocoa, it’s so hard to locate heavily dutched. I am not in the biggest of areas, though
702551 April 14, 2018
Thirty years ago, before the Worldwide Web, one would go to the American school and find the bulletin board. There you'd find flyers, advertisements for various local businesses that cater to American expatriates/tourists.

At least in a big city like Paris, there would often be some sort of newspaper or newsletter for this audience.

With the emergence of the Worldwide Web, my guess is that much of this information can be found with a judicious use of a search engine and navigated to in a couple of clicks.

Heck, today one could simply message any American expatriate pals if they know of the existence of such a store or post the question on relevant social media groups.

Anyhow, hope you find your cocoa.
702551 April 14, 2018
One other thought: are you friends with any US military personnel based in the UK? They might be able to find this cocoa in their base exchange.
Danielle P. April 14, 2018
Thanks! Yeah it seems as though Amazon.com might be my best option (amazon.co.uk sends back some silly results for whatever reason). I was hoping to avoid international shipping because shipping and customs tend to be so high, but it might just be worth it and I'll stock up. Thanks again :)
Smaug April 14, 2018
Had to take a look at that site-says they will ship Droste for free (if you spend 20 pounds)- it comes from the Netherlands. Good stuff, but the can that VanHouten's (from Germany) comes in is pretty nice. I guess I should follow this stuff more closely- is the UK still duty free from EU countries? Seems like "BREXIT" is a fairly drawn out process.
Smaug April 14, 2018
Amazon? Not sure of their shipping policy to the UK, however. A Google inquiry (dutch process cocoa in the uk) produced one of their typical reams of semi-relevant listings, more than I was willing to wade through; someone did report seeing Droste dp cocoa but couldn't remember the store.. All of the major chocolate companies, as well as King Arthur, have versions; searching some of their websites might be helpful.
Danielle P. April 14, 2018
Awesome I will have a look! Droste is new to me so that could be my problem. I think it would work to ship from the EU - at least at this point. It’s all quite a confused system for my tiny American mind! Thanks for your help!
Danielle P. April 14, 2018
I realize how poor the inquiry title is, I apologize!
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