What can I use to substitute cocoa powder and/or do I need to?

I have a flourless, almond meal based dark chocolate cake recipe that calls for 50g dutched cocoa. I want to turn this into a white chocolate cake. What's the best thing to replace the cocoa powder with and do I even need to for such a small amount?



QueenSashy April 4, 2013
Cannot agree more with Couldn't Be Parve, you will need to modify the recipe if you are using white chocolate. Which then brings a logical question -- if you are using white chocolate, why would you need cocoa? But then, eliminating cocoa will ask for additional adjustments and it will become an entirely different recipe altogether.
Couldn't B. April 4, 2013
Have you tried a cake like this using white chocolate before? White chocolate and dark chocolate behave differently in cakes so you may have to make additional substitutions to make it work. (especially for a gluten-free cake like this one that doesn't have the addition of flour to give it structure). 50g of cocoa powder is a pretty significant amount (a tablespoon is between 5-10 g depending on the brand) so I would replace the same amount of another starch. Just my thoughts.
boulangere April 3, 2013
If you could direct us to the complete list of ingredients, it would be most helpful.
RadMexOz April 3, 2013
The original ingredients are:
140g butter
200g dark chocolate
7 eggs
200g caster sugar
240g almond meal
50g dutched cocoa
8g baking powder

As a side note, as well as using white instead if dark choc, I'm also planning on using pistachio meal instead of almond.
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