How fine should the asparagus be cut? The picture looks to have intact tips but the instructions to cut the asparagus with the herbs imply smaller...

.... Also, are the herbs meant to be cooked with the asparagus? It indicates to cut them all together but I usually do not cook soft herbs that long. Thanks

Emily | Cinnamon&Citrus
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1 Comment

Hana A. April 20, 2018
Hi Emily! You can cut the asparagus to whatever size you prefer: Our test kitchen cut them into small pieces, but I found out during my interview with the chef that she likes hers almost as thin as the pasta (so that the asparagus and the herbs almost blend together). Yes, asparagus and herbs are meant to be cooked together! It all comes together pretty quickly w/o detriment to the herbs. If you prefer your herbs more fresh, you can always throw them in towards the end. Either way, hope you enjoy this dish. :)
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