Hard-boiled Eggs Question from Sunday Digest

We have a question about this part!

"Once they are cool enough to handle, fill another clean bowl with room temperature water, and submerge the eggs, one at a time. Using the edge of the bowl to knock them, you can now start cracking the shell. Do this gently, so as to not break the freshly boiled egg entirely in half."

Are you cracking it while submerged? And peeling it while submerged?




Lisa S. August 26, 2023
Not a must, but it definitely helps to rinse off any small pieces of eggshell.
Charlie S. April 4, 2023
Peel them under running water.
702551 April 3, 2023
Yes, peel the eggs under water. This is shown during the 0:00:17 to 0:00:24 mark in the video. Don't blink.

Some cooks peel their hard boiled eggs under running water. Either way is a pretty effective way of reducing the chances of missing some shell fragments.
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