Can I use ground coffee instead of instant espresso powder for muffins?

Most recipes ask for instant espresso powder. I was going to grind beans I have very finely and hope that worked but dont want to screw up an entire recipe! HELP!

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • April 24, 2018


Emma L. April 24, 2018
It definitely adds some texture, but it's not too gritty for me.
Natalie April 24, 2018
Okay. So for a muffin recipe (12 muffins) how many tbsp of ground do you recommend?
Nancy April 24, 2018
Just to add to Emma's vote, I use finely ground coffee or instant espresso interchangeably in baking, depending on what's on hand.
On volume, I would go sparingly at first, then add more if you prefer.
One recipe I know uses 2 tbsp for about 14 muffins, so use 1 to 1.5 Tbsp for your first batch of a dozen.
Natalie April 24, 2018
Thanks Nancy and Emma both super helpful! Just put them in the oven!

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Emma L. April 24, 2018
Hi! I love adding ground coffee to cookie dough and cake batter. I add it to the butter and sugar, when creaming, to infuse the flavor as much as possible—then taste and adjust from there.
Natalie April 24, 2018
Great! So if I just used ground coffee in a muffin batter, would the flavor carry through or would it be too gritty?
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