Electricity cut off and my cake is in the oven. What to do?

Help!!! I'm baking cake and suddenly electricity cut off. It baked for 5 min. What should I do now?

Manisha Agrawal


Nancy April 29, 2018
Too late now, but for futures. Not optimal, but you can store mixed batter a few days in fridge before baking.
Maybe worth trying for a 5-minute baked cake.
BerryBaby April 29, 2018
True, but if electricity is out, so is fridge.
Nancy April 29, 2018
BB - you're right, of course.
But I've learned (through sore experience of power outage) that a fridge (kept mostly closed) will hold its temps for 1-2 days, and a freezer (ditto) will hold for 3-4.
Sandi N. April 28, 2018
If you have a grill, fire it up. Get it to about 360 and pop your cake in. Adjust heat to 350 and DO NOT open for 30 minutes. I have done this and it worked. Best of luck!
Winifred R. April 28, 2018
Sounds great, I was thinking Dutch oven if you had one that was large enough to fit your cake pan, but the time to get the charcoal or wood hot would not be the best for the quality of the cake. Sandi has a better option if it's available to you.
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