do you use only the lower coil of the electric oven for baking cake?

im gonna make a mud cake and i'll have to refrigerate that. after taking it out will that get back to normal phase ? and for baking what should be the temperature ?

kazi tasmia


hardlikearmour March 28, 2015
Generally for baking an electric oven's bottom coil heats up, and for broiling the top coil is the active one (at least in the US). Your recipe should tell you what temperature to bake at, if not I'd go with 325-350º F (gas mark 3 or 4 or 160-170º C on a European model). Use a central rack for baking the cake. I don't understand what you mean by "normal phase".
kazi T. March 28, 2015
thanks for the reply. by "normal phase" i meant after taking out the cake from the refrigerator and let it chill for some time, will it be soft and moist again? cause i used to use oil instead of butter. now im gonna use butter and im a bit tensed about refrigerating it.
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