buttercream refrigeration

I am making a buttercream filled cake that will be covered in fondant. The buttercream needs to be refrigerated, yes? But can the fondant go in the fridge? For how long should it be in the fridge and how long before serving should I take it out?

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1 Comment

Cookin' K. April 30, 2018
Maybe I'm just lucky or my cakes don't last long enough for trouble, but I keep cakes on my countertop - even ones with buttercream filling. The sugar keeps the microscopic bugs at bay. (But not forever, just talking 3 days max.)
Fondant-covered foods can be refridgerated with no bad effects, just a bit harder to cut through unless you let it warm to room temp before serving. The thinner the fondant, the more pliable.
Hope this helps!
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