What are some ideas for crepe fillings?

I'm looking to make crepes Sunday for breakfast. I want to offer a few filling options. I have strawberries and whipped cream, banana with nutella. Anything on the savory side? Prefer quick to put together or make ahead options. Thank you!



BerryBaby May 4, 2018
Bousin herb cheese spread and a thin slice of ham.
Kate K. May 4, 2018
I third the suggestion of asparagus. Steamed/roasted/sauteed spears with chicken or mushrooms (as Nancy and Stephanie suggested) or shavings of prosciutto/jambon serrano/country ham.
702551 May 2, 2018
If you like books, crêpes take up four pages in Larousse Gastronomique. There you will find many suggestions for both savory and sweet fillings.

Many of the ones mentioned here (ham, cheese, onion, mushroom, seafood) are in the Larousse listing.

Alternatively, you could simply visualize the crêpe as another starchy wrapper (like bread, tortilla, wonton, etc.) and add whatever suits your fancy. The sky's the limit if you approach it that way.

That said, I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to something as classic as crêpes. Also, I find them delicate enough where really bold flavoring fillings end up being overwhelming and unbalanced. But that's just me...

Best of luck.
Stephanie G. May 2, 2018
My favorite crepe is buckwheat. I saute sweet onions for a few minutes and then add chopped chard until it's wilted. I grate Gruyere and dust the crepe with cheese before I put on the onion/chard mixture. Then I fold it and add a fried egg to the top. It's one of my favorite savory crepe combinations.
PHIL May 2, 2018
That sounds good!
Stephanie B. May 2, 2018
My favorite crepe is one of the most simple: lightly sweetened with sugar or drizzled honey, a sprinkle of nutmeg, and a squeeze of lemon juice. It sounds underwhelming but it's so good.

I second the mushrooms and gruyere for savory, or if you can find them morels and asparagus.
Nancy May 2, 2018
Chicken is classic. For example, these with asparagus:
Or almost anything you have on hand and like.
PHIL May 2, 2018
I'm thinking ham & cheese, like a croque monsieur with hollandaise drizzle or skirt steak & eggs, smoked salmon & cream cheese , mushrooms & gruyere, shrimp or crabmeat scampi. Chicken Caesar salad. Sausage, ricotta, balsamic shallots. Maybe BBQ pulled pork & slaw , even better pulled pork (no BBq sauce, instead use a good jarred vodka sauce & broccoli rabe. I'm getting hungry now. My view is if it can go on a sandwich it can go in a crepe! If you need specifics let me know. Ok, now get busy!
Emma L. May 2, 2018
Fun! Some savory thoughts:

* Potato-chorizo hash—or any sausage. This is a popular taco fill and I bet would be great in a crepe.
* Sautéed greens and a grated cheese, like cheddar, or soft one, like fresh goat.
* Avocado! Mash with a bunch of lime juice to get ahead of oxidation. Top with something crunchy, like shaved radishes or nuts or both.
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