I would like to make this recipe but I don't have 'instant espresso powder' I have coffee in powder, or I can make an espresso cup with it. Is the...

...re a way to use real coffee in this recipe? Let me know if not, and I'll try to buy some instant coffee..

Gilda O
Espresso Buttercream
Recipe question for: Espresso Buttercream


BakerRB May 8, 2018
If you have instant coffee powder rather than instant espresso powder, that'll work fine, just use a little extra. If you have ground coffee beans they will impart coffee flavor but a gritty texture even when ground to as fine a powder as possible. I loathe the texture, but it seems not to bother most people so it should be fine to use it.
Gilda O. May 9, 2018
Great, thank you!
Windischgirl May 8, 2018
I don’t know if your recipe calls for a sugar syrup to be added to the buttercream to sweeten it, but if so, you could use coffee for the liquid when making the syrup.
I had leftover coffee and turned it into coffee syrup, which I use to sweeten iced coffee and to add to desserts (tiramisu, anyone?).
The other think you could try is putting the sugar and coarsely ground coffee in a food processor and grind both till fine, imbuing the sugar with coffee flavor and helping the sugar dissolve more quickly when beating it into the butter.
Gilda O. May 9, 2018
Thank you, this one does not have a syrup but I'll keep this in mind for recipes that do.
Gilda O. May 7, 2018
Thank you very much Nancy! ^^
Nancy May 7, 2018
similar question addressed here...
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