How long can Publix chocolate chip muffins last in the freezer without a plastic bag?

I just had a muffin from a pack of Publix chocolate chip muffins with a sell-by date of May 20th. The muffins were in a freezer since then, however they were not in a plastic bag like people usually recommend, only the plastic casing they come in. t’s currently July 7th, and when I had one, the chocolate chips had bloom on them, and it seemed to have lost its moisture (they were kinda dry). I have emetophobia (fear of throwing up) and I’m scared they’ll make me sick, especially since we’re going on a cruise tomorrow. Can someone calm me down with some facts so so can get through the day? Thank you. :(

  • Posted by: Tara
  • July 7, 2018


BerryBaby July 8, 2018
Tara, hope you didn’t stress over this. The muffin was most likely dried out but doubt it would do anything to you. The good thing is you were concerned enough to ask. Enjoy your cruise!💐
Tara July 8, 2018
Please let me clarify that I did not store these, and I found out that they were not wrapped properly until after. I’m only 14.
MMH July 7, 2018
So did you already eat it?
nancy E. July 7, 2018
Throw them out. If you aren't going to properly protect the things you freeze, you shouldn't bother
Tara July 8, 2018
I didn’t store it, and I only found out about that after I ate it. I’m only 14, and not much of an expert on storing stuff. I never realized how important plastic bags are. Should I be worried about it though? Or was the muffin still alright.
Nancy July 8, 2018
It's probably only dried out, not bad for you.
But if you have fears and are going on a cruise, maybe just avoid it - and don't add to your stress.
Smaug July 7, 2018
Fact is that if you're worried about it, it's not worth the risk. But bloom on chocolate doesn't mean much- its usually a matter of it having gotten warm at some point (like warm room warm, not really hot) allowing some of the cocoa butter to separate out. Things will dry out in the freezer- thick plastic bags do provide a fair amount of protection.
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