Flour or corn starch for thickening pie filling?



HalfPint May 9, 2018
I think it is going to depend on the pie that you want to make. Here's a nice guide to the various thickeners:

And King Arthur Flour (my baking bible) did some testing (with great pictures!) on fruit pie fillings and some of it is eye-opening: https://blog.kingarthurflour.com/2013/06/21/fruit-pie-filling-no-runs-no-drips-no-errors/

Nancy May 9, 2018
Useful info in kitchn link, thanks.
Smaug May 9, 2018
...or, no doubt, potato starch, corn meal or any other sort of starch. I use flour for apple pie because that's the way I learned it from my mother and cornstarch for berries and cherries because I always have it, but I don't see it as much of an issue.
Nancy May 9, 2018
Or arrowroot
zippy365 May 9, 2018
You can also use tapioca
BerryBaby May 10, 2018
I use tapioca as well. Thickens without flavor.
Emma L. May 9, 2018
People use either but I prefer corn starch.
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