IS THERE A SUBSTITUTE FOR white wine in a recipe?

My husband is a successful recovered alcoholic. I need to substitute the wine. Thank you.



sexyLAMBCHOPx May 23, 2018
Um, he is not recovered he is "in recovery" and will be for the rest of his life, or one day at a time.
Carolyn May 22, 2018
Thank you so much. Appreciate all answers. Very helpful.
creamtea May 22, 2018
Depending on what you are making, a squeeze of fresh lemon will add a bright note (for example to sauteéd mushrooms). It's what I use when I don't have wine leftover and don't want to open a bottle for a small amount.
BerryBaby May 22, 2018
I have a terrible reaction to wine so I leave it out and add broth and/or water.
Nancy May 22, 2018
As BB says, broth & water are good options.
If the recipe needs or can stand a sweet note, try white grape juice or some other fruit juice...diluted if necessary.

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702551 May 21, 2018
It depends on the recipe, but there are often some fine alternatives.

Water is usually a good replacement unless the primary function of the wine is to add acidity. In that case, diluted vinegar or diluted citrus juice usually acts as a fine substitute for wine.

Best of luck.
Scott May 25, 2018
Exactly- a little lime juice goes a long way.
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