Using Up White Wine

OK, my dear husband bought two bottles of cheap chardonnay that I don't like (and therefore don't want to gift), so i'm looking for ideas to use it up. Using it when sautéing, of course, and making white wine vinegar (though I'm not sure I want to start that project). Any recipes that need a fair amount of wine?

  • Posted by: micook
  • March 26, 2012


Bill F. March 27, 2012
Buerre Blanc is very versatile and is a food way to use up wine. And the lack if quality won show that much.
ChefOno March 27, 2012
Of course inexpensive wines are fine for cooking. The nuances of fine wine are usually pretty much lost when you put the fire to it. But if you don't like the flavor, reducing it -- concentrating the flavor -- is probably not the right choice. Especially chardonnay which, more often than not, is overoaked to begin with.
cookbookchick March 26, 2012
Julia Moskin in March 21, 2007 NY Times wrote about testing wines for cooking. Her finding? "Cheap wine works fine". Google the article for the details.
ChefJune March 26, 2012
Many of the chefs I know cook with box wine they keep in their walkins. and I'm talking about the Franzia box, that none of them would be caught dead drinking -- it's really nasty. However, it cooks just fine. I've used it many times when guesting. (would never take up space with it at my home, tho).
pierino March 26, 2012
Coquilles St. Jaques (scallops) would also be nice as the wine is going to cook down. You will only need about a half cup. What? Do you really think restaurants make this dish with champagne? Maybe Keller does.
passifloraedulis March 26, 2012
Also try reducing the white wine into a syrup, and throw in cinnamon sticks etc. Perfect for a "boozy" dessert later.
micook March 26, 2012
Actually, I think the poached fruit is a great idea. The wine's a little sweet, which wouldn't be a problem if you're adding spices. Thanks!
lloreen March 26, 2012
I asked this question before and got some good suggestions, but the wine was truly awful and I ended up throwing it away. However, I cook with 2 buck chuck all the time and honestly cannot tell the difference once the wine cooks down a little. I am wondering if it is possible to poach fruit in white wine - I love red wine poached pears. If you add sugar and spices, the flavors of the wine are masked anyways....
ChefJune March 26, 2012
I love pears poached in white wine, and serve them (not spiced) with fresh lime sabayon.
Meatballs&Milkshakes March 26, 2012
I agree, if you don't like the flavor, you won't like what you make with it.
HapppyBee March 26, 2012
Ditto what ChefOno says. If it is inexpensive, find the drain and dump it out. Life is too short to to cook with, or drink, bad wine.
ChefOno March 26, 2012
My two cents: I don't ever cook with a wine I won't drink.
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