Its been in the oven for an hour now and still hasn't set. Do i just take it out? it's definitely thickened and is bubbling-- and the top is turni... brown.

  • Posted by: Inga
  • May 24, 2018


Erin J. May 29, 2018
Hi Inga, I believe we started to address your question via Instagram, but since you used homemade mascarpone, you may need to add an additional egg to achieve the same level of setting.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 29, 2018
Hi there Inga, I'm sorry you didn't get an answer to this in time. How did your pie turn out?
Inga May 29, 2018
I took it out after an hour and fifteen minutes -- it did not set all the way but still tasted great! and the flowers turned out beautifully.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 29, 2018
Glad it tasted (and looked!) great!
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