How to properly cook a marinated steak?

I marinated a couple of steaks. The issue is when I decide to cook them I want the heat to start on high to give them a nice sear on each side. But the hight heat burned the marinade giving off a terrible smell and made it taste equally terrible. What am I doing wrong? How do I sear a marinated steak without burning the marinade on it?

Conrad Ritchie


ChefJune June 4, 2018
It's necessary to completely dry your steaks before attempting to sear, or you will always get the sad result you did. The marinade has been absorbed by the meat, and any residue has to be wiped off thoroughly before searing. Don't worry, the marinade has already flavored your steak!
inpatskitchen June 4, 2018
You might want to consider post-grill marinating. Here's an article:
Nancy June 4, 2018
Why marinade a steak at all?
Usually the inherent taste and texture of the cut are great tasting.
Consider fat (used just before grilling or frying), s and p to taste as basic flavorings, then maybe a small pan sauce.
Or use your marinade ingredients in a finishing sauce.
Conrad R. June 4, 2018

Because this isn't the kind of thick and juicy steak your thinking of.
Nancy June 4, 2018
Nancy June 4, 2018
PS Conrad - if the steak needs more flavor and tenderness, consider braising aftr marinating.
Xiam June 4, 2018
You could lower the sugar content on the marinade. If you want it sweeter still, you can baste on the sweet marinade afterword.

Basting while you're grilling will also help prevent the marinade from burning.
Conrad R. June 4, 2018
I don't add sugar to my marinade. I do use Worcester sauce in my marinade which does have sugar, and soya sauce. I assume thats whats burning.

But I do like the basting idea, i think that will work great. Thanks!
Smaug June 4, 2018
I would think basting would also stop the steak from searing too- the surface needs to dry out before it will sear. It's pretty common practice to wipe off excess marinade before cooking- it's intended to penetrate, not really to stay on the surface. It's a good idea to keep solids to a minimum; they're all likely to burn at meat-searing temperatures.
Conrad R. June 4, 2018

That might of been my problem. I did consider wiping off excess marinade. As for basting the steak. I would sear the steak on both sides first, drop the temperature bit then add some of the marinade to the ban, then start basting. That way you can sear it and bast too.
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