How long can I store blanched tomatoes? Or can I?

Hi guys!
I have a dinner party on Sunday - I am cooking the whole meal from Prune . I love the cookbook but it lacks in prep details. So for instance I'm cooking Gabrielle's sliced jersey beefsteak tomatoes with warm fresh salted butter. It calls for the tomatoes to be blanched and peeled before being sliced and dressed with the butter. Can I blanch the tomatoes earlier in the day or is that a really horrible idea?
Thank you!

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1 Comment

Nancy June 8, 2018
Cooked tomatoes usually keep a few days (3 to 5) in the fridge.
I don't remember that recipe, but it's probably a good idea to bring them back to room temperature before adding the butter and serving.
Sounds like a nice plan for a party...please tell us the rest of your dishes, and how it works out,
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