how long for shipping?

Hi there! I just wanted to know how long it takes when something is shipped out. I sent a birthday gift (salami of the month) and I know it takes 2 days to process but how long is it in the mail?

Ashley Varasteh
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1 Comment

Customer-Care July 6, 2018
Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reaching out about this! Our shop is entirely drop-ship, meaning that our makers ship directly from their shops + studios around the country (vs. one central location)—for this reason, each product has a different shipping lead time and delivery estimate.

That said, I recommend using the 'View Shipping and Delivery Estimates' tool on each product's page as a guide to ordering closer to your intended delivery date! And, be sure to select your preferred delivery method per item at checkout prior to selecting 'Place Order'.

If you'd like to send your order confirmation number to [email protected], our team can confirm these shipping details for you!


The Food52 Customer Care Team
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