There are so many different cooking methods. I am thinking of doing the Kafka for 500 for maybe an hour. Do you think this will work? This rec...

...ipe says it serves 8 generously. Should if be 5 lbs net weight? If this is part of a large meal with soup first then a fish course and 3 different vegetables, do you think the size will work for 12 people? I was thinking just a bit on plate with suffice with all other things. Also, five different cookbooks list anywhere from 125 to 135 for medium rare. It is very confusing.

nancy druckman
Leg of Lamb With Garlic Sauce
Recipe question for: Leg of Lamb With Garlic Sauce


innoabrd March 8, 2011
The only thing I roast hot is beef tenderloin. Everything else, low and slow...
pierino March 7, 2011
Pierino is not a fan of anything Kafkaesque. Including roasting meats.
ChefJune March 7, 2011
Nancy: I have to say I am not a fan of that method, and don't recommend it. In fact, that book got used as a stand for my first Apple computer!
nancy D. March 7, 2011
Dear Chef June,

Thanks so much for your response. Kafka is Barbara Kafka whose book on roasting everything at 500 degrees is something that I try to follow.
ChefJune March 7, 2011
How many persons a 5-pound bone-in leg will serve definitely depends upon what else you are serving, and how much your guests usually eat. With what you have listed above, you should serve 12 comfortably. I always prefer to underestimate in the "serves how many" department. Leftover lamb makes great sandwiches!

130 Degrees F. has always worked for me for medium rare. I use a digital probe thermometer and don't worry about time. I just set it for the temperature. It works every time.

I have no idea what a "Kafka" is, so don't know how or if it will work.

Hope this helps! ;)
pierino March 7, 2011
If you are referring to internal temperature, I would say the answer is in the middle at 130F. It's going to need to rest covered after you take the lamb out. Cooking a meat that has a bone I try to calculate 1/2 pound per person. You may still have leftovers but hopefully you won't run out
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