I defrosted the leg of lamb I've been saving for this weekend only to realize it's boneless. How would you adjust the recipe to accomodate? I was...

...thinking of stuffing it with the anchovy/garlic, then rolling and tying. Sear? Roast slow on a rack

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Leg of Lamb With Garlic Sauce
Recipe question for: Leg of Lamb With Garlic Sauce

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ChefJune April 22, 2011
I do it the same way with a boneless leg that I do with the bone in. Because I always use atemperature probe thermometer when I roast meats, I don't worry about the time. If it's opened out, just tie it up and proceed as though the bone was there. The garlic and anchovies that you poke into the meat melt into it and you can't tell it's there. But you taste it! ;)
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