Should I massage my kale ahead of time for meal prep?

I meal prep a bunch of big salads ahead of time for every week and have never massaged my kale before. I'm wondering if I can massage the kale for all days at the time I am prepping, or if I should just massage the night before every day to avoid it getting soggy?

Sophia Kenyon


Robin July 16, 2018
For sure massage ahead of time! Olive oil, salt and lemon juice or rice vinegar + about 4 mins of massaging is my go-to method.
Ttrockwood July 13, 2018
Massaged kale is actually even BETTER made ahead! I do a mega batch on sundays to use in lunches mon-thurs and it just is nice and tender not at all soggy. I use just a bit of salt, olive oil and lemon juice and really work it in there until it’s about half or less the original volume.
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