Need to use up some good ingredients before I travel...

I’m leaving for a trip tomorrow and am trying to use up as many perishables in my house as possible. I’m cooking a small Coulotte steak with a thyme rosemary garlic compound butter.

In the fridge I have 8oz of baby Portobello’s, 1lb haricots verts, fresh basil, 3 cooked beats, 1 green bell pepper, cheese (truffle gouda, asiago, mushroom and scallion jack, ghost pepper Colby jack, Mexican blend, and pepperjack blend), duck fat, truffle oil, heavy cream, whole milk, eggs, and breadcrumbs.

I feel like an amazing casserole is somewhere in here but I haven’t made too many before- can you help me throw something together? :)

Debora Morgan


702551 July 21, 2018
No reason to force yourself to use up all of the duck fat nor truffle oil. Both will last for months. Breadcrumbs freeze well.

You can also freeze the cooked beets; their texture will suffer a bit when defrosted, but still can be useful in sandwiches, salads, soups, etc.

I'm not a fan of blending more than two cheeses together as I prefer to appreciate each separately for their distinctive discrete flavors. Once you start blending cheeses, you end up with an incongruous cheese flavor that that none of the cheesemakers of those individual cheeses intended.

Anyhow, good luck with your casserole.
Nancy July 19, 2018
Don't always need to clear fridge for a short trip.
FYI perhaps for this trip or futures...
Eggs stay good in fridge about 3 weeks after best before date
Most hard cheeses last 3-4 weeks in fridge, longer in freezer
Many vegetables (raw or lightly cooked) may be frozen for months.
See this site for timing & conditions for keeping various foods:
HalfPint July 18, 2018
Make a vegetable quiche or frittata with most of the vegetables except the beets. Roast or sauté the vegetables first so that it’s not so watery. This should also use up the dairy and eggs.
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