How fine of a cornmeal should be used in this recipe? Can corn flour be used instead? Thanks!

Lemon Chess Pie
Recipe question for: Lemon Chess Pie


Lindsay M. July 26, 2018
Thank you for your help! The corn flour I was referring to was most certainly corn flour (Bob's Red Mill) and not cornstarch. I ended up using it because I only had medium grind corn meal and I didn't think the texture would have been good in a chess pie... Worked just fine!
Ann July 26, 2018
Corn flour is used in place of cornmeal in my experience.I use it all the time for corn bread and as a coating for fried okra ,oysters and fish.Corn starch is a totally different product.
Smaug July 26, 2018
I believe the use of the term corn flour for cornstarch is largely a Brittish thing. Not so sure it has any consistent use in the US, but I'd agree with Nancy as far as the intention of the recipe's writer; she seems to be referring to plain old grocery store corn meal.
Nancy July 25, 2018
Probably not.
Corn flour is a label sometimes applied to corn starch (little more than a powdery starch, often used to thicken sauces).
Best to use medium or coarsely ground corn meal, or the same of dry grain labelled polenta.
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