My wife left a package of boneless, skinless, package of chicken out in the sink. Temp of bird is 67F. Safe to cook?

More than 12 hrs in sink. Room temp is 68F. Bird was a consistent 67F. I put it in the freezer to flash freeze. I rinse and take the fat off before cooking, It is for Thai Basil Chicken. Please advise....Thank you.

John Boyd


tia August 9, 2018
Food service training from years ago specifies that food should not be in the "danger zone" between 40 and I think 140 degrees F for more than 4 hours (goodness, it has changed, per the USDA: I doubt the guidelines have changed much. You probably won't die if you cook it and eat it. You might not even get sick. But is it really worth the risk?
boulangere August 9, 2018
In a word, no. In two words, absolutely not.
ChefJune August 9, 2018
I'm thinking you already know the answer...

I wouldn't.
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