How to divide a 9 inch baking pan for brownies?

I want to make regular brownies, and walnut brownies in the same tin. (No one is allergic, just some family members don't like nuts.) I was just wondering if the material to separate the two sides matter, and what I should even use. It's a regular 9 inch brownie tin.

  • Posted by: Sab
  • November 26, 2019


Nancy November 26, 2019
Easier to do than describe but here goes:
Line the pan with aluminum foil, including a foil divider down the center, which should be about the same height as the pan.
Divider can be strengthened by putting a piece of cardboard under it, absinthe foil over.
Erin A. November 26, 2019
+1 to Nancy's idea! Here's a handy video that shows you a similar method using aluminum foil—it's around the 25-second mark. Happy baking!
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