Zhivago Borscht" from NakedBeet. Does anyone know how this borscht freezes?? I am making it for a friend with a new baby, and would like her to ha...

...ve the option to freeze it so she can eat it when she really needs it

  • Posted by: Joanna
  • August 17, 2018
Dr. Zhivago Borscht
Recipe question for: Dr. Zhivago Borscht


Nancy August 19, 2018
A few more opinions/ideas.
Some say (and you will find different opinions if you look around) that potatoes freeze ok, but my experience is more with Ttrockwood....better to leave them out if the intent is to freeze.
Same with the sour cream garnish.
One idea...while new babies get the gifts and celebration, new moms - as your kind plan indicates you know - also need some coddling.
Maybe make a nice basket or package with the cooked soup, some potatoes, parsnips and a container of sour cream. Also good bread. Then add some treats...a dessert, a nice new soup mug and spoon, some flowers, a new novel or magazine that your friend would enjoy, etc.
nancy E. August 19, 2018
I make huge pots of borscht and freeze it in containers. Works great, same for any non-creamed soup
Ttrockwood August 18, 2018
Yes, i have frozen borscht before and it reheats well- although in this recipe i would leave out the potato, sometimes reheating cubed potato in soup it become a gritty texture. Maybe add a parnip or two instead, they would work great.
Also, i prefer to use a red wine vinegar instead of lemon juice for borscht, seems to be the right flavor i want with beets
nancy E. August 19, 2018
I, along with my ukrainian friends all use white vinegar
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