How can you fix crosscontaminated meat?

I marinated meat and cooked it, but when I was ready to store it, I did a mistake and put it back in the same container where I marinated the raw meat. I realized within 15 minutes and I just tossed it back in the pan and cooked it again. Is it safe to eat? Is there anything else I should do?

  • Posted by: A.H.
  • August 20, 2018


mgn99 August 27, 2018
Wouldn't it depend on the type of meat? Chicken and pork are a toss, but beef that would be fine to eat as tartar (meaning from a butcher you trust) should be ok. Am I wrong?
BerryBaby August 27, 2018
No! The fix is throw out the meat.
Caryn B. August 27, 2018
The correct answer depends on how long the marinade had been opened or made and how long the meat was originally in the marinade and whether or not the marinade had been temperature abused.
Smaug August 27, 2018
I wouldn't be sure how to decide- actually what the op did sounds fine to me- but I do think that people tend to greatly overestimate the dangers of this kind of situation.
boulangere August 21, 2018
How can you fix crosscontaminated meat?

You can't. But I suspect you knew the answer when you asked the question, and you were right.
702551 August 20, 2018

Start over.
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