Have I cookedSausage meat long enough????

Hi so just made a sausage meat ragu, and used one of those tubes of sausage meat, I cooked it in the pan for like 5 mins with the other bits then added tins of tomatoes and let in simmer for over an hour, will it be cooked???

Craig Hodgkinson


HalfPint December 11, 2018
Should be cooked. You can always take the temperature of the ragu. 165F (74C) is the temperature that food should be heated to for safe consumption. If the ragu has been simmering for an hour, the temperature has at least reached 212F or 100C (boiling point of water).
Craig H. December 11, 2018
And also like an idiot I use Sausage Meat Stuffing instead of plain Sausage Meat :p
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