I've gotten bombarded with tomatoes from my garden that I had to freeze before they went bad. I froze them whole. Will freezing the tomatoes sacri...

...fice the flavor of this dish

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • August 21, 2018


Ttrockwood August 24, 2018
Use the frozen tomatoes for a different recipe, one where the tomatoes are cooked
Smaug August 21, 2018
Not so much a matter of flavor, but freezing will burst cells in the tomato causing them to be mushy . Frozen tomatoes work very well for cooked sauces, but this wouldn't be a great choice.
paseo August 21, 2018
Just a wee bit, but still much better flavor than tomatoes in January at the market. I have been freezing them whole for years and its really worth the minor effort.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 21, 2018
I would recommend making this pasta with the tomatoes that are still coming out of your garden now, and saving the frozen ones for a different dish later on.
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