I am looking to bake a lot of pies at once for a school sale. we want to freeze the pies with instructions on how to reheat. what is the best way to f

  • Posted by: jessie
  • August 22, 2018


jessie August 22, 2018
im sorry it cut off. what is the best way to freeze the baked pies? also the best way to reheat them?
Smaug August 22, 2018
It did give rise to some interesting speculation.
Ttrockwood August 24, 2018
Freeze after fully baking.
For reheating directions preheated oven to 350, and about 30min, maybe longer if the pie is especially tall or dense in the center.
I would add a notation as well of “do NOT microwave” because will microwave anything.
dryer_fire August 22, 2018
BraveTart has some good instructions for freezing fruit pies:

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