why no flour????

Camilla Lyon Krueger


Lori T. August 27, 2018
Although we generally don't think of anything other than wheat in regards to flour, the term can actually be applied to anything which is ground to a fine powder. Peanut butter is merely a peanut ground into such a fine powder, held together by virtue of the peanut oil and often other neutral oils. Actual peanut flour can be purchased, and is often used in some African cuisines to both flavor and thicken things. This particular recipe capitalizes on the use of peanuts as a flour, and with the addition of the egg, creates a thick gluten free cookie batter, no wheat flour needed. Baking sets the proteins of the egg, holding everything together, and you end up with a nice cookie. I know, it sounds crazy. But it works and you should really give it a try.
Camilla L. August 27, 2018
Thanks so much! That was really informative. I have used recipes for nearly flourless chocolate tortes which used a lot of eggs, but never tried the same idea for cookies. I will definitely try this one (when it isn't 90+ degrees outside).
Ted August 25, 2018
Ideally you'd ask the person who posted the recipe.

Not sure from the wording of our question whether you're wondering how the recipe works without flour, or whether the flour has been omitted from the recipe in error.

No-flour peanut butter cookies have been around for a while. They're typically peanut butter, sugar, and an egg. (Google will help you find plenty of those recipes.)

So it could be that this recipe is based that idea, but again ask the person who posted the recipe to be sure.

I have no idea how the no-flour recipe works without flour. Perhaps others with better baking knowledge than I can answer this.
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