Fall Recipe Monkey Bread

Fall is definitely in the air and inspiring me to bake something fun. Want to make a Monkey Bread using fall spices and flavors either apples or pumpkin. Does anyone have a great recipe to share?



BerryBaby September 8, 2018
Had to use the biscuits so made this. A Paula Deen recipe and I added clove to cinnamon mixture and chopped apples with the blueberries. The house smells amazing and I have been snacking on it all day.
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BerryBaby August 26, 2018
Thanks, Nancy!
Have a can of biscuits and thinking of making a brown sugar, pumpkin spuces and diced apples. Going to experiment and will take a photo...if it comes out!
Nancy August 26, 2018
BB -
Two directions.
Take one of these sweet challah recipes and add your preferred spices - cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cardamon or a blend. Shape like monkey bread. Bake.
Apple honey challah
Raisin challah
Butternut squash challah
Second approach. Look at Lindsay-Jean Hard article of a few days ago about Monkey Breads for fall, and pick one of the five she recommends.
Enjoy and please tell us which one(s) you make....;)
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