I just made this and it's not set! It's still watery after pulling out of oven! Will it set up when it cools?

  • Posted by: Anitac
  • August 30, 2018
Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart
Recipe question for: Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart


Smaug August 31, 2018
The recipe has a million comments, and I only looked at the first page, but at least one person had the same problem. Which seems odd since the recipe contains so little liquid, but there it is. Most of the people who commented made changes to the recipe, but not, apparently, to address this issue.Did your pie ever set up?
Lisa August 30, 2018
I've never made it but my guess is that a recipe like this would be a bit wiggly coming out of the oven, but not wet. Did you follow the recipe exactly, including the size of the pan, oven temp, etc?

If it's not set yet and the crust isn't too brown I might pop it back in for 10 minutes. . . .
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