I need blanched almonds for a cake, but i bought dry roasted unsalted almonds, they will be ground in the food processor. can i use them?

The almonds are to be ground in the food processor.



Panfusine April 17, 2011
Raw almonds tend to absorb moisture & 'plump up' when cooked or baked. Although I'm not sure how toasted nuts react under the same conditions, I would assume that their moisture absorbing capacity may be significantly diminished (as it is with smaller legumes such as mung), resulting in maybe a gritty texture. Would love to get your feedback on the cake.
nutcakes April 17, 2011
I agree you should be using the raw nuts, not roasted ones. You can buy almond meal or flour to use (Trader Joe's carries it for reasonable price. Or you can buy whole raw almonds, blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes and the skin will come off easily. Lightly toasted would be fine, but I'm afraid if you use roasted ones the flavor might be off and they may overcook. Not sure. If someone else doesn't come along, try it if the cake is just for you and let us know.
lemon October 25, 2013
it's better to use raw nuts. I've made almond crust for my orange yogurt tart using roasted almonds and the taste is a bit off. Mine was slightly overcooked and the roasted almond kinda gave a burnt flavour to my crust after baking.
TeaTaster April 17, 2011
thank you panfusine and boulangere for your answers. If the difference will be mainly one of color (from the skins) then I am fine with using the roasted almonds. I was afraid that there might be a significant difference in taste or texture. I'll give it a try and see how it works!
boulangere April 17, 2011
A relatively easy way to remove the skins is to drop the nuts in a sieve, then rub them around over a sink to let the skins drop through. It's a little time-consuming, but it will work. I always roast nuts before I use them because I like the more pronounced flavor. Take a chance!
Panfusine April 17, 2011
I've always assumed blanched almonds to be the raw ones that were dropped into boiling water to peel off the brown skin. Wouldn't the roasted ones be more difficult to remove the skin? not to mention the difference in taste due to the roasting process?
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