A question about a recipe: 3-Ingredient Oreo Meringues

I have a question about the recipe "3-Ingredient Oreo Meringues" from Eric Kim. how stiff do the egg whites need to be? If they are only soft peaks will this still work? I think I put them in to bake too early :(

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3-Ingredient Oreo Meringues
Recipe question for: 3-Ingredient Oreo Meringues


Eric K. September 20, 2018
Hi Sandra, they should be very stiff before you scoop and bake them. Let me know how yours turn out? If they're a bit soft and droopy when they go into the oven, they may still taste okay (they just won't be as pretty). But there's always next time! Good luck, Eric
Sandra B. September 20, 2018
Thanks Eric! They are baking and we’ll see how it goes. Next time I will make sure the egg whites are stiff, not soft peaks.
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