I do not have chipotle powder. Can I use chili powder?

  • Posted by: julia
  • September 23, 2018


Miss_Karen September 24, 2018
You could use a fresh jalapeno. The pepper changes names when it is dried into a powder. (Don't ask why. I don't know) Likewise, for other peppers vs powders.
Smaug September 24, 2018
In the case of chipotles, they are smoked, not just dried. Dried poblanos are called anchos- not sure what that's about, but the dried ones are always ripe (they eventually turn red), which you never seem to see for sale fresh. Mulatto is another name for the same chili, and in the western US and Baja, Poblanos are frequently sold as Pasilla chilis, though true Pasillas are something else entirely, and are usually sold dried as chili negro, at least in my area. So yes, there's a good deal of confusion, but chipotles are something definitely different from a raw jalapeno.
Smaug September 24, 2018
Nowhere close. It kind of depends on how important it is to the recipe; chipotle powder is quite hot (it's ground ribs, seeds and all) and smoky, so you may need to replace those elements. Chili powder won't do that and introduces a lot of foreign elements- cumin, oregano, probably a ton of powdered onion and garlic, maybe allspice. You'd be better off with a mix of smoked paprika and cayenne, though far from ideal.

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Midwestern L. September 23, 2018
Yes, you can, but it will not be an exact match as chipotle powder does not only impart heat, but also a smokiness. If you have a smoked paprika on hand you could add a small bit of that to get flavor.
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