I have a recipe that calls for two dried New Mexico chiles. I couldn't find them but did get chipotle chili powder. How much powder should I

Seattle Mark


Smaug January 3, 2016
Chipotle powder is NOT a suitable substitute; it tastes different (it's made from jalapenos), is smoked, and is blazing hot. A couple of dried New Mexico chiles would weigh about 3/4 oz, maybe 3/8 oz. with the seeds removed. Powdered chiles (not to be confused with chile powder, which contains various peppers, cumin, oregano, allspice etc.) are available in many varieties; good subs for New Mexicos would be California or Anaheim, Guajillo in a pinch.
Seattle M. January 3, 2016
Uncle J. January 3, 2016
Oldunc is right. But if you must use the chipotle powder, try a little first on something like scrambled eggs, to gauge the heat and flavor. In any case, don't judge the recipe from the batch made with chipotle (smoked jalapeno).
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