What would cause a cake to not bind after it is supposedly done baking?

After I let it cool for about 15 mins., when I turned it over to release the cake from the pan...it came apart in cross-sections (like 8 or 9 pieces). I've never had that happen before, and I'm curious to what might have caused that. Anybody have some insight about what happened?

Michael Farrell


Nancy October 1, 2018
The (oldish) eggs may be a problem, but most food usage sites say they're ok for about 3 weeks after bb date, so 4 weeks is not much of a stretch.
Could be the mix, maybe overbaking.
For now, you can use the crumbs in a kind of parfait...with ice cream, whipped cream, fruits or syrups.
For futures, check the bb date on box cake mix (no shame - we've all used them sometimes), follow baking times, take care to line the cake pan with waxed or parchment paper, let cake cook enough but not too long after baking & good luck next time.
Nancy October 1, 2018
let cake COOL enough...
BakerBren September 29, 2018
Yes, an ingredient list would help. Did you make any substitutions? Is the cake gluten free? If not, was it mixed for long enough to develop a little gluten? Did it appear cracked on top before you removed it? Could it be too dry--did you have to smear it into the pan?
Michael F. October 1, 2018
Didn't make any substitutions; not gluten free; I believe it was somewhat cracked on top; wasn't too dry (poured easily into pan); Though I didn't know mixing was how it develops gluten, and I may have under mixed it. A little embarrassing to admit, but this time I used a boxed cake mix and I don't know if using eggs a month past their use by date would have any bearing on this matter. Side note...I have used eggs like this before to no ill fate/problem.
Regine September 28, 2018
Ingredient list would help. Eggs act as a binder in cakes. Could you have forgotten to use them?
Michael F. October 1, 2018
Slightly embarrassed to say it was a boxed cake mix. And, I did use eggs...I don't know if using eggs a month past the best by use date, would/could have any effect with the binding process. Though I have used eggs of this nature before, and have never had a problem before.
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