Beef fat isn’t mentioned in the ingredient list but shows up in the recipe. Is it just trimmings from the chuck?

Kathy Burle


MarcusPM March 4, 2019
Delicious recipe, but on step 4, I’d rather not "get in the oven."
Emma L. October 7, 2018
Hi Kathy! +1 to the other responses already here: "Beef fat" refers to the rendered fat from searing the beef. Thanks to everyone for responding so swiftly!
Kathy B. October 7, 2018
That makes sense - thanks!!
Smaug October 7, 2018
The way chuck roasts are usually cut for pot roast, you'll have way more fat than you could possibly need just from that- in fact you really don't need the canola oil to get it started. I usually trim what fat I can before I start it, but it's mostly between separate muscles and can't be removed while keeping the meat in one piece; I usually stop the cooking partway through and refrigerate the liquid- a great deal of excess fat can be removed that way.
creamtea October 7, 2018
I agree with Pat; I think the wording could be clearer; sauté the carrots/onions in the rendered beef fat in the pan.
Nancy October 7, 2018
Agree. And it your need doesn't give you enough far to proceed, supplement with some good tasting fat on hand.
inpatskitchen October 7, 2018
I may be wrong but I think the "beef fat" is the fat rendered from searing the meat and the vegetables are tossed in it.
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