Cilantro & Thai Basil were suggested as additions...but nobody mentioned how much of each to add! How much of each should I use?

Deb Thobe
Thai Summer Yellow Squash Curry
Recipe question for: Thai Summer Yellow Squash Curry


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702551 October 8, 2018
It should be noted that the addition of Thai basil and cilantro do not come from the recipe author but from one of the readers in the comments section.

As Smaug and Lost_In_NYC, this is a judgment call based on what your specific group of dinner table guests would enjoy.

One option is to provide both herbs (chopped or whole) on the side as condiments. This way, people are able to add according their own personal desire.

Some pho noodle shops do this with their additions.

Best of luck.
Lost_in_NYC October 8, 2018
Honestly as garnishes its really up to you and your preference for each herb.

(You don't need to the follow the recipe to an exact "T" if you can't learn to improvise on ingredients that you like/dislike!)
Smaug October 8, 2018
You can't really measure either of those accurately, so it would have to be to taste. They're both powerful flavors, though- a tablespoon finely chopped would be a reasonable guess. Cilantro arouses a lot of strong feelings- you'd want to know how your potential eaters feel about it; in my own experience, if finely chopped and cooked 15 min. or so it loses most of what people dislike in it, but some people are quite vehement.
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