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I plan on making Ina Garten's Vodka Pasta for a party of 80 people (half adults/half kids) I plan on using a regular sized deep chaffing dish to cook the whole tomatoe mixture in the oven. How many cans of wholel tomatoes (#10 can) should I be using in each chaffing dish and how many should i be using in general for the recipe? I figure I should make about 15 times the recipe, does that seem right? Its my first time making pasta for a party and I feel overwhelmed.

Connie D.
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Nancy October 8, 2018
How woman. Or, how many.
I would start from a big recipe (for 50 or 100) and scale from there because they've already been planned & tested for that # of people.
It will give you more reliable results because multiplying a regular home recipe by more than 2 times can lead to problems (especially of volume and spicing).
I've not seen Ina Garten or any other vodka pasta recipe to that scale, but you could add the vodka and her seasonings to the half intended for adults, and maybe leave the sauce for the children with less spicing.
Search web for recipes with descriptors like
* spaghetti or tomato sauce for a crowd,
* spaghetti or tomato sauce for 100.
Then adapt and proceed. A couple examples -
Good luck, enjoy your party, and please tell us how all goes...:)
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