Favorite brand of Miso, go!!

  • Posted by: Robin
  • October 14, 2018


Emma L. October 14, 2018
I love Miso Master—especially the mellow white variety!
702551 October 14, 2018
All the best misos are imported from Japan. Miso making history goes back something like 700 years; they know what they're doing.

I enjoyed a tub of Hikari organic miso a while back. Currently I have a tub of Nijiya's house brand miso. Both were imported in Japan, of course. I bought both at the nearby Nijiya Market (a small Japanese grocery store chain here in Northern California).

I've tried many domestic miso brands (mostly at friends' houses) and they are largely unmemorable. The one brand that was passable was Aedan, based in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it's more expensive than the Japanese stuff (and not as good) so I'm happy to stay with the imported Japanese stuff.

Best of luck.
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