is there no salt or pepper added to this recipe?

Erica Foster


formerchef October 19, 2018
I'm the author of the recipe and agree with the other comment regarding the prosciutto and the cheese. You may not find any extra salt necessary. That said, of course you can add whatever you'd like as needed.

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702551 October 19, 2018
A significant amount of salt is used in the curing process of prosciutto (it helps the meat from putrefying); it's already salty.

Salt is often used in the cheesemaking process to slow down the conversion of lactose to lactic acid; this results in superior flavor. Also, often goat cheese is preserved in brine to prevent spoilage.

As to why the author did not add pepper is a mystery but you are free to adapt that person's recipe to your own personal taste. After all, you're putting it on your table to serve to your guests.

The wisest course of action would be to make the dish once following the instructions. You can change it up the next time around.

Best of luck.
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