What is your new favorite apoetizer or small plate bite for the holidays?

Looking to update my holiday open houses



Pegeen November 7, 2018
These are also very good: cranberry glazed meatballs, David Lebovitz
Pegeen November 7, 2018
Caponata on baguette toasts. Can be made days in advance - in fact it's a good idea to do that, to meld flavors.
Dona November 7, 2018
This roasted olive feta spread is really good.
Bevi November 7, 2018
I always serve the Little Mushroom Pinwheels on this site, by inpatskitchen. I have reached the point where I have at least one roll frozen and ready to thaw and slice for any occasion. The cranberry and cheddar gougeres from NYTimes is also a favorite. I make these, freeze them, and pull out to reheat about a half hour before I want to serve.
lorigoldsby November 27, 2018
Thanks Bevi! Looking forward to trying the cranberry and cheese gougeres!
Jim November 7, 2018
The Gringo Goose makes a delicious pepper relish that you can mix with cream cheese. They have a spicy and a mild it is called Goose Poop and you can find it on www.foodideasllc.com
Joe November 7, 2018
Kim October 30, 2018
Pie shaped slab of brie, 3 oz packaged cream cheese, 3 sundried tomatos packed in oil (drained)and pesto sauce.
Slice brie horizontally, whip cream cheese on tomatoes in mini blender.
"Ice" one slab of brie with mixture and put the top slab on top and then
pour warmed pesto sauce over the top and watch the brie start getting gooey and dive in with Ciabatta bread cubes. This appetizer has the colors of Christmas and is absolutely delish!!!
MMH October 28, 2018
This is not new by any means. My college room mate always made this because her mom made it. We graduated from college in 1980 so somewhere way back before then I think it was a thing. I went to a party once where it was served and the host would have been about our mother’s age. Every time I make it people love it and marvel about what is in it which is a blast because it’s so simple.
I would call it a spread. It’s best on dense bread or seedy crackers although I’ve served it with crudités.
So here’s the crude recipe just as it was given to me-

Shred a bunch of Swiss cheese (I use the largest on my box grater)
Snip a bunch of green onions so that they are distributed and give the cheese some color
Moisten with enough Hellmann’s Real Mayo (never that other stuff) to hold it together

It’s better if it sits for awhile for the flavors to marry.

This is my go to and has been since then.
Sandra October 28, 2018
We like to smoke salmon on cedar planks over charcoal. Top Triscuit, or French toasted rounds with cream cheese, capers and the wonderful salmon. Great with Savingnon Blanc or bubbly!
And, if you can still find them, fresh figs with chèvre on crackers, drizzled with honey. Both are heavenly!
arielcooks October 28, 2018
Anchovy-stuffed green olives! Had them in Spain, with ice-cold glasses of fino sherry. Can't find these olives here any more! If you find them, also put out Spanish peanuts. The perfect trio.
BonnieC. October 28, 2018
One that I've made that has elicited more than a fair number of raves & requests for repeats? "Checkerboard Baby Potatoes" - sour cream & red & black caviar (roe, actually) topped baby potatoes.

Boil Ping-Pong-ball size baby potatoes until JUST tender. Cool, halve, & slice the tiniest bit off the bottom ends so that they'll stand upright. (If you wish, scoop out a little bit of potato from the top of each half, although that isn't absolutely necessary.) Top/spread each half with a little sour cream & a small dollop of red or black caviar/roe. The inexpensive shelf-stable jars of lumpfish roe you can find in any supermarket is just fine for this. Arrange potatoes in a checkerboard pattern (which you can line with greens if your wishe) on a neutral-colored platter & serve

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Picholine October 28, 2018
The frozen tiny philo cups. Fill with Gorgonzola Cheese and top with fig jam, bake til cheese melts and jam warms. Delicious!
Fill these with just about anything and they look elegant.
Easy Peasy!
Miss_Karen October 26, 2018
Brie cheese with carmelized onions wrapped in puff pastry served warm with crustini. Drizzle a little balsalmic over the top...
HalfPint October 25, 2018
For the last few years, I've been all about the cheese ball. I love this one: https://food52.com/recipes/32975-cheese-ball-with-pecans-and-dried-cranberries
Nancy October 25, 2018
Just to say I've also had success with BB's selections.
And there are a million (ok, many) ways to easily garnish olives that make them even better than straight from the store. Use black or green olives, to taste, and add one or more of these:
soft herbs, chopped (I like thyme, but basil, fennel fronds, parsley, cilantro and oregano also work well),
orange or lemon zest
dried figs.
All except the capers need to be chopped or shredded and mixed in.
BerryBaby October 25, 2018
I love marinated olives (olive bar in grocery store), marcona almonds, a bruschetta with fresh mozzarella and a tomatoes with fresh basil.
lorigoldsby November 27, 2018
Yes! The olive bar and stuffed grape leaves are a wonderful short cut. Warming the olives in some good olive oil and an anchovy has been my go to all summer.
PHIL October 22, 2018
Fresh ricotta on either toasted baguette or crisps. Use different toppings, sauteed mushrooms, honey & lemon zest, pear walnut, sun-dried tomato, fig prosciutto. Well, you get the idea. Use good fresh ricotta. Good luck!
Ttrockwood October 21, 2018
I became totally obsessed with this recipe for kombu celery- sounds kind of crazy and is difficult to stop eating! Great as a crunchy appetizer and as a bonus really economical too

This crazy simple recipe for sautéed dates is a surprise winner, i use regular dried dates that are pitted. For an app just serve in a dish with toothpicks along side. Excellent warm or room temp

Grougeres are always a crowd pleaser, the same with those twisted puff pastry cheesey sticks.
These dense seedy crackers are a favorite of mine, they come together easily. It’s fun to cut them into little diamond shapes or longer thin rectangles. Ignore the suggestion to use dried figs- they burn! I like adding rosemary and thyme with lots of black pepper and a good sprinkle of kosher salt on top just before baking. Would be a great addition to a cheese board, or serve topped with a bit of cream cheese and chives
lorigoldsby October 21, 2018
Goodness gracious, need to wear my glasses! #AppetizersNotApoetizer
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