Cooking time for a very small pot roast?

My boyfriend accidentally picked up a very small cut of brisket (0.86 lb) and I am trying to use it as a pot roast for two. I usually follow a recipe for 3lb chuck roasts of 3.5 hours at 275. Should I be cutting the time as well as the temperature since it is not only small but also a different cut? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!

Sophia Kenyon


Smaug October 21, 2018
Unless it's really thick, size isn't so much of a factor with braising as it is with a roast; you might be better off doing it stovetop in something like a 10"skillet (if you have one with a good lid). You can get away with less than 3.5 hrs., though- at a guess, maybe 2.5. I probably wouldn't try to cook veggies with it, though, probably better to do them separately.
Nancy October 21, 2018
I've cooked a similar sized brisket in ale (helps with flavor, and allays fear of it drying out). Lost my recipe but this one is similar:
And/or if you have a thermometer, cook to 165 or 170F internal temp.
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