any tips on salvaging leftover cooked meat slightly dry

jinx winstanley


BerryBaby October 28, 2018
With chicken or beef, I use the food processer and grind it up. Then mix in mayo, spices or herbs, and serve it as a spread on crackers or make open face sandwiches.
Patti S. October 28, 2018
Warm some broth (beef for red meats, chicken for white) and dip slices in broth. Serve on toasted rolls with cheese melted on top and broth on the side.
Smaug October 28, 2018
Or you could cut it up/ dice it and use in some sort of mixed dish-say a rice dish or taco filling- if you're into improv.
Nancy October 28, 2018
Serve warm in a braise (wet). Gravy or wine or soup.
Serve cold as a sandwich with mayonnaise or salad dressing on the bread.
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