How to have flavorful meat cooked in a sauce

I made sauerbraten in a slow cooker. Everything but the meat tasted as it should. The meat was flavorless and dry.

  • Posted by: jgardens
  • November 22, 2020


Nancy November 22, 2020
Also, could you please give us a link to or author of recipe you followed so we could better reply to your question.
Lori T. November 22, 2020
What cut did you use? The best cuts, at least in my opinion, are a rump roast, or a bottom round roast. Failing to get those, I have done it with a large chuck roast, and a thick brisket. A chuck roast will pretty much fall apart, but the taste is wonderful. Eye of round is often used- but it just doesn't do well with the long cooking time or marinade- and has next to no fat or connective tissue for flavor. How long did your meat marinate for? Generally, that should be at least 3-4 days minimum. I usually aim for 6-7 days myself. Flavor comes from the right cut, left in the marinade long enough to be penetrated by it.
Alex E. November 22, 2020
Hi there! Did you brown the meet before you cooked it in the slow cooker? And maybe try salting the meat a bit more first next time?
Alex E. November 22, 2020
Brown the meat*, I mean! :)
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