Can I put a shortbread crust on the bottom of a soufflé?

I want to make a white chocolate soufflé with a shortbread crust

  • Posted by: Deanna
  • October 30, 2018


Nancy October 31, 2018
Not sure what your concept for this dessert is, but it intrigues me and I thought some more.
One route - bake the white chocolate souffle as usual, then serve with (already baked) shortbread as a garnish (as tuile is used).
Another route - chill a white chocolate pudding (using many of the same ingredients as a souffle). Then either assemble it as a no-bake refrigerator cake (very British), using the shortbread as the cookies, or serve same time at table.
Another direction entirely - increase the contrast between the two elements:
1) Make a souffle with a bit of acidic fruit (raspberry, mango, etc) as the main flavoring.
2) Or flavor the shortbread with something like apricots, which will complement the white chocolate.
Last note. Haven't done it, but fear that baking the two together, with shortbread cookie dough at bottom of souffle pan, would not work out. The shortbread might not bake through nor get crisp.
And the souffle batter might be so insulated from the oven heat by the cookie dough that it wouldn't get that burst of height nor cook through.
Hope this all helps.
I hope to hear what you do and how well it works...:)
Nancy October 30, 2018
As a serving suggestion or to bake simultaneously?
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