How to preserve half cooked onion ring in freeze and how last long at what temrature

Rajes Borad


Nancy November 2, 2018
Lisanne - your caution is well founded. Many commercial products, especially commercial frozen ones, use machines & techniques not available to the home cook and which help create & protect the final (crispy) texture.
creamtea November 2, 2018
I think the poster is asking if par-cooked (fried???) onion rings can be frozen, and if so how long can they remain in the freezer. (I don't have an answer.) Perhaps they could be breaded and frozen (uncooked), but I don't know. Are there commercially-produced frozen breaded onion rings? What's the method for cooking them? If so, then I suppose it's possible to reproduce at home and deep fry without thawing but it seems that you could end up with a mushy mess after freezing.
Lost_in_NYC November 2, 2018
Sorry but your question is hard to understand so we can't properly advise. Good luck.
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